The best Wiseplay lists updated for this year. In this opportunity we prepared a pretty simple and quick guide to watch free channels with the Wiseplay lists. From here you can enjoy NBA, football, boxing, UFC, MotoGP, Formula 1, series, movies  and more.

What is Wiseplay?

Wiseplay is one of the most famous applications to watch football for free, and it is one of the best applications of this kind in 2020. With the help of this application we will be able to enjoy all the paid channels on our Android mobile device.
The best alternatives of 2022 It is currently positioned as one of the most popular applications to watch free TV on Google Play. It has an incredible and extensive catalog of events available that we find them in Wiseplay lists that are updated every day.

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How do Wiseplay Lists work?

Its operation is quite simple and easy to understand. Once you run the application you will be directed to a very simple but powerful interface. There we will have the possibility to play videos that we have saved on our Smartphone or tablet. In addition to this, you can also play any multimedia content present on remote servers.

What Formats does it support?

After VCL, this is one of the most powerful players for Android. In it we will be able to play the following formats:

Download Wiseplay


The download for mobile devices is very simple, you just need to access the Google Play application store and search for it. Once there we download it and that’s it. In the case that the download can not be done from the app store you can do it from its official website. Here is the direct link: Wiseplay for Android.

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Mac and Linux

In the case of computers is somewhat more complicated sudescarga, since its computer version does not have the functions of, if we can enjoy everything that this application has paraofrecer but for this we need to have an Android emulator.

We recommend you to install BlueStacks, it is considered the best Android emulator for Windows, Mac and Linux. Once you have it installed you only need to install the application as if you were doing it from a mobile. You can do it from Google Play or by downloading the APK.

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As with Android, on iPhone you must access the application store (iTunes) and download the app which is available for free. Here is the direct link to download Wiseplay for iPhone.

How to add Wiseplay Lists

This is very simple and you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Click the “+” button.
  2. Select “Add list from URL”.
  3. A box will appear where you will have to paste the list.

Once here we add the lists we want.

Updated Wiseplay Lists

Football Spain Total

European Football


Champions League

More Football

All in one

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Wiseplay Movies List

Wiseplay Series Lists

Lists On ListsWiseplay

Sports HD

Lists Wiseplay Sports:

Wiseplay Basketball List:

Wiseplay Lists Football:

Wiseplay F1 List:

Wiseplay Golf List:

Wiseplay NBA Roster:

Wiseplay Moto GP List:

Wiseplay Partidazo List:

Lists On ForoWise

ForoWise is the official forum for this application, so you are most likely to find the list you are looking for on this website.


Spain Total Premium channel list:

Movies & Series

List of movies and series:

Música Total Premium

List of other channels:

Wiseplay list on w3ubin

This is another one of the best forums dedicated to finding Wiseplay playlists

. There you will find lists for all kinds of events and they are updated every day.

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We hope this list will be very useful for you

when you want to watch all the events you want to see live from your mobile device or computer. Remember that the application and the lists are free.

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