When you live in a big house or with many rooms, surely at some point, WiFi connectivity is lost. But, WiFi Mesh systems, are a solution that no one saw coming, but everyone will want to use. These mesh connection systems are networks that are responsible for improving the performance of WiFi in your home.

A professional solution that can become your best ally to forget about connection losses and annoying waiting times due to difficulties. Keep reading this post to find out all about it and you will surely want a WiFi Mesh for your home, take a look at these models.

What are Mesh WiFi systems and how do they work?

Well, a WiFi Mesh network is a type of connection that is widely used in the business sector and is currently booming at home. This specific type of network works through a series of devices that are connected together, with the intention of managing the elements of the network together.

To better understand this concept, keep in mind that a Mesh network is translated as a mesh network. In a practical way, this means that the different devices work in an interconnected way, which allows communication and data management between them.
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This translates into a change of connection between the different devices that make up the mesh, so that the load is distributed and better connections are generated. To simplify the concept and operation, we can give an example. Three smartphones, a computer, a tablet and a smart TV are connected to the same access point. All these devices have a certain network consumption that saturates the device in charge of carrying the connection.

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In WiFi Mesh systems, the different devices, known as nodes, are responsible for distributing the resources and connected equipment. Thus, there will be different access points, where the 6 devices we mentioned, can be redistributed according to their needs. This leads to a better performance of the connection in all of them.

What are the advantages of having this type of WiFi network?

Mesh networks have the main feature of improving the performance of the connection. The redistribution of equipment in different nodes, leads to a somewhat equitable resource consumption, where no device should be slowed down by the others. This is one of the main advantages.


Additionally, resource optimization allows all devices to work equally. That is, of the 100% of the resources, each device will take an equal share. This ensures that the connection is maintained constantly in all of them.
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What are the Differences between this system and the Connection through Repeaters?

First of all, you should know that WiFi Mesh systems are not integrated by repeaters. A repeater is a device that in a way, is responsible for cloning and extending the range of a WiFi network; in addition, these devices are connected individually to the router, something that the Mesh network does not do.

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In this way, it is understood that a Mesh network connects in an integrated way, generating a connection between the nodes and the router. This leads to the fact that they all have the same capabilities unlike the repeaters.

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