There are currently many companies that offer streaming content such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO or Amazon Prime. Now, the problem is that they charge for their services and not everyone has access to it, that’s why in this opportunity we want to talk about what Photocall TV is and how you can use it to watch TV for free.


What is Photocall TV?

It is an internet portal that offers streaming content without having to pay a subscription. Photocall TV has more than 1000 channels from all over the world, including radio stations.

Here we will find a wide collection of Spanish, local and international channels of all kinds and without having to pay anything, in the same way it also has the programming guides of most of these channels. The design of this is pretty basic, once we enter it shows us the logos of the channels available to enter to see their live broadcasts for free.

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Now, if you are worried about legal issues, you don’t have to worry, because will send us to the official pages of these channels where we can enjoy their content for free.
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TV how to Watch Channels

This site is simplicity at its best, because in its top bar we find the categories in which we can navigate, these are:

Once we select one of the categories will show us all the logos of the channels available to watch live for free. Once we decide which channel to watch, just by hovering over the logo, a menu will pop up where we will see the official name and the country where the signal comes from.

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On the other hand, when we click on one of these channels we will be shown several options. One of them is to watch the content directly on Photocall TV or watch it from the channel’s official website. Selecting “live” will automatically open a new tab in your browser, this will not have advertising or uncomfortable ads, maybe in some cases a pop-up window will open when you click but nothing very uncomfortable.

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If you happen to have a streaming player, some channels may give us the option to download an IPTV file to play it in the program we have installed.

International Programming and others

In Photocall TV we will get channels from foreign countries, these can be very interesting because we will be able to access new cultures. It is also good to know that some channels have region or language options. An example of this is that some channels have a version for an English-speaking audience and another for a Latin audience, the best example can be Fox Sports, which has versions of “Latino”, “English”, “Brazil”, among others.

On the other hand, if we go to the “Others” tab we will find another universe of possibilities, but what stands out the most is that in this section we will be able to get paid channels. Here to enjoy this content we will have to see some advertisements, and in the case that we have an ad blocker will not help us, because we will have to disable it.

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Another point that can be negative are the channels with geolocation, so we will have to have a VPN to be able to watch them. However, Photocall TV has a VPN suggestions section to hire.


Watch Sports

Watch football, baseball, basketball, among other sports for free online

is totally possible in Photocall TV. And we can get a huge amount of TV channels from around the world, we just have to know the channel and the time they broadcast the match we want to see. Application

This application goes far beyond simply being a website, because Photocall TV is available for Android devices. We will be able to watch these channels on our Smart TV or on an Android device with the use of the Web Video Cast application. This application is available in the Google Play Store, and is basically a browser that allows us to enjoy Photocall TV from other devices.
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If you intend to enjoy a wide amount of totally free and live TV channels, the best option you can go for is Photocall TV. This has more than 1,000 channels available for you to enjoy quality entertainment to the fullest and totally free.

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