Corporate emails are an excellent tool to promote or boost your personal or corporate brand. In this article you will find everything you need to know to have a corporate email and how to take advantage of all its benefits.


What is a professional corporate email?

It is an email that has its own domain and is not associated to any other public server such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, [email protected] would be a clear example of a corporate email.

How to create a corporate email?

To get a corporate email you must have your own domain with the name of your company, one of your name or the one you like. It is important to choose very well the name of the domain, since this will be the one that represents you, although it is possible to change it. That is why it is very important to think about the purpose of it.

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Do I need to have a website to have a corporate name?

The answer is no, however, there will always be some kind of “but”. Domains make you more accessible and identifiable, that’s why in most cases they are associated to a website. People who want to know more about you will use this domain to find out more about you. Now, if you do not have a website, there are several options that can be used to provide more information about us.

Redirects: some people and companies use their domain to redirect visitors to their social networks or to a third page that has a little more information. This is not a practice that is highly recommended.

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Temporary Messages: you can use the typical messages “We are updating our page”, “We will be back soon”, among others. They are an option that would not be bad to use, as long as some contact references are provided. As, for example, the corporate email.

Landing pages or page landing: these are pages that do not have any internal link and if you have it are very few. It is the best option for these cases. It has a greater advantage over the others, although they have more work. This provides the advantage that you can get to position, if this has some information, contact details and links to social networks.

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Types of corporate emails

Now that we already have our domain and this is linked to a hosting or G-suite, you will wonder what are the options you have.

Once we have already hired a management service, this will give us the possibility of having multiple corporate email accounts. These will always be and depending on the functions and needs they can be of two types:

Although their differences are quite noticeable, we must be clear that even if it is a small company, you can have multiple corporate email accounts that have different functions.

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