The sending of emails reached impressive numbers, and is that digital communication is a very important part in the lives of many, instant messaging, accompanied by social networks and video calls. There is a lot of competition in this industry where there are a lot of competitors that offer free email service.

If we were to mention them all, this article would be too long, that’s why we will focus on the most popular ones, those that offer a large storage space and excellent security systems as well as special features that characterize them.



Email Gmail

Gmail was launched by Google in 2004, this is a free mailservice thatmarked a new era in the sector, one of its main attractions is that it offered for free up to 1GB of storage to all its users. From this moment there is a war between which server offers the largest storage space. Currently we can see that many providers offer services with ample storage and even space in the cloud with sizes up to 15GB of storage on Gmail servers. Another highlight of Gmail is that it offers the ability to support attachments up to 25MB.

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Its user-friendly interface and simple design, it also allows you to customize it using images and even changing the color. Another plus point is that being a Google service, it can be seamlessly integrated with the different services that the giant can offer.

However, in the field of data protection Google is still in the controversy, and it has certain irregularities that many do not like. Google scans the messages and communication documents of its customers under a parameter of keywords and then used to show personalized advertising to each client based on all these data that are collected.

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Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Email

Yahoo Mail follows the same path as Gmail with respect to storage, although it goes much further as they offer a record 1TB (1000GB) of storage. However, Yahoo doesn’t offer any cloud storage services, that’s only possible if you use external services. In Yahoo Mail you can also customize everything from the appearance to the sorting and how messages are displayed. One of the special services it provides is the creation of disposable email addresses that can be used for shopping, forums, among other things. These are perfect for temporary work and can be deleted when they are no longer needed.

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When we talk in terms of data security, this provider has certain similarities with Gmail. If we review the security police agreement, any content related to communications such as instant messaging, SMS or emails are scanned in order to offer personalized advertising depending on each user.


Outlook Email

Until 2013 this was called Hotmail, which was the free email service from Microsoft, the company seeks with the change of name and certain features make competition to Gmailwho are those who dominate the world market.

The main advantage of Outlook is that it integrates very well with all Microsoft services, with a simple registration you already have access to all services of the company. This has included the office interface which is perfect for work environments. Speaking on the storage space it offers this one offers 15GB of storage 5 additional in Cloudy supports 25MB attachments. One thing that all three providers agree on is that they allow POP3 and IMAP protocols to be used, this allows you to log into multiple external email programs. You can also synchronize emails on multiple devices without any problem.

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As in Yahoo, in Outlook there is also a Premium email, this offers certain special services and the elimination of advertising. Something interesting is in the privacy policies where it is stressed that: For the display of advertisements in which the user may be more interested in certain parameters are followed to achieve this objective which are the location, searches on Bing, Microsofto websites of their advertisers, also take into account the demographics of their customers in addition to the things that have marked as favorites. But they don’t use any data that your users might say in a voicemail, documents, chats, photos or any personal files to collect information dedicated to creating an ad profile. These are the 3 biggest and most popular email servers today that you can choose from.

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