Pctnew, the latest to download series. Nowadays many people resort to online platforms to watch or download their favorite series totally free. This is due to a number of reasons, where some of them may be the pause in the reproduction of the series for commercial breaks or any activity that requires the direct participation of the viewer. There may also be a situation in which the person has to pause to go to the bathroom, to the kitchen or to take a call. That is why sites like Pctnew offer the service of downloading series for free.

As we already know, for some time you can get multiple websites where they facilitate access to movies and series for viewing or downloading for free without any limitation. A clear example is the page Pctnew that has a large number of users. However, due to legal situations some internet service providers have blocked this kind of web pages for facilitating the downloading in an “illegal” way. However, the Pctnew page has made available to its users a second web page to avoid this blocking called Pctnew1.

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Has Pctnew been blocked?

As we have already indicated, this type of portals have been blocked by multiple internet service providers as well as other very popular web portals for downloading movies and series totally free.
Although for us they are a very important and useful tool, torrent download portals are not legal. Due to this they are repeatedly persecuted and blocked sites. The portal Pctnew is not spared from this kind of sanctions. As we can see, the .com domain is currently not accessible. That is why they have placed at the disposal of users enabled a new access through the Url DonTorrent.org with which they can access movies and series and download.


How to download series in Pctnew?

We already know the use that can be given to Pctnew now it’s time to know all the steps we must follow pararealizar the download of our favorite series and movies:

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1- Access Pctnew

First of all, accessing Pctnew.com will be more than enough to be redirected to the new download page. When accessing we jump a message where we indicate that we have moved to the new site DonTorrent.org automatically or by pressing a button.

You can also access the web portal Pctnew.org where if you follow the same steps you can download but with the difference that you will find advertising along the way.

2- Select our favorite movie or series

Once we access the web portal we can see a main menu where we will find the buttons Home, Blog, Help, Contact, Premieres Torrents and a search engine for movies on the page.
Next to the left we will see a menu called “Download Torrents” where we will see a menu with Movies, 4K Movies, HD Movies, Series (episodes), HD Series (HD Series), Documentaries, Game, PC, Music, Miscellaneous and Total Torrents. Ahorabien, on the right we can find a list of movies and seriesrecomendadas. Access your ROUTER and LEARN How to Configure it

3- Download series or movies

Once we have chosen the movie or series we want to download, we will see the information about it where we can see the format in which it is and the size. Below this information appears the Downloadbutton. Once we click on this button we will automatically download the Torrent, just click on it so that the download will start in the Torrent of our preference.

Under your responsibility

We are not responsible for the use that you can or can not give this website, the content you find on our site is purely informational and any illegal use that can be used falls under the responsibility of the user.

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This website does not support under any circumstances the download or distribution of content protected by any kind of legal right. Remember that downloading content illegally is considered a crime and this can lead to consequences. If you decide to download anything from Pctnew it is at your own risk.

As we already indicated our web portal is purely informative and the use of the information published here should be purely educational and informative.