Are you looking for a good book? Here you can find the best legal websites to download free books. Currently due to quarantine have been more people who have started to love reading a good book. However, finding a legal site to download the books you like can be a bit of a complex task. Here are a few options that are sure to help you in your search.

Now, in the following recommendations of websites to download free books pdf you are going to get a great variety of books. Although in some of them some of the books are paid, they still offer a wide library of free options. Access your ROUTER and LEARN How to Configure it



In first place is a platform where you can find almost anything. It is true that most of the books on Amazon are paid. However, in the Kindle store of this platform there are a lot of titles in different languages and are completely free.

Google Books

On the other hand, there is one of the most powerful on the internet. Google’s free online book service is very easy to use, because you only need to enter the title of the book you are looking for and all the options available on the platform will be displayed.

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The library of this App is huge, and many options are already translated into Spanish. So if the book is in electronic format, you can surely find it here. Also, Google Books is divided by categories to make it easier to search if you’re not sure what you want to read.

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Now, in Bubok you can not only find a great variety of free options. It’s also the perfect place to publish your work if you’re just starting out in the world of writing. It is a complete and easy to use application, to find the free books you just have to sort the list of available options by cost, and look for the cheapest ones. In this way, the first options will be the free texts available.


It is worth mentioning that this project is from the same creators of Wikimedia and Wikipedia. On the other hand, the intention of this platform is to have a library with all the original texts available and that have public domain. Also, there are those books that are published under CC – BY – SA 3.0 or GFDL licenses.

In another order of ideas, the books of this virtual library can be easily read from the same web page, or if you want you can also download them in PDF format. Among the advantages of this site is that each work is linked to the initial source of the book, where you can possibly find other formats to download it.

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In addition, each option is translated into almost every language in the world. On the other hand, something you should consider is that here as in Wikipedia, the works can be modified by anyone who wants to.

In last place is one of the best legal websites to download free books. On this platform you can find more than 33,000 texts. It should be noted that one of the reasons why it is one of the favorite pages to download books, is the organization they have.

Best WEBSITES to Download FREE Ebooks and ePub allows you to place a lot of filters to your search, with the mission that you will always find new options. The options can be found in English or Spanish, to make sure of this you can filter the searches. Finally, the website is comfortable and easy to use so you can browse through it at your ease.

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