One of the most frequent doubts when choosing a hosting for a web page is to know what is a dedicated server, to distinguish between the many web host options that companies can present to customers. The truth is that it consists of a service that provides exclusivity and greater control of the website.

Among the best dedicated servers on the market for this 2022 we will find Ikoula, which presents each of its servers under the Linux operating system. This is the one that is most used now adays and it is perfect for hosting websites, content management systems, applications, etc.

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In that sense, Ikoula’ s dedicated server is ideal when you need to use technologies such as Perl, PHP, Python, MySQL or Ruby, among many other things. In addition to this, it is worth highlighting the option to optimize it to the maximum for a much higher performance, something that other operating systems do not offer, as well as the option to choose between different versions of Linux still available.

One of the most striking aspects of the variety of dedicated servers that Ikoula presents is its wide range of options. It is difficult to find companies in the market that offer a wide range of options to choose from, each one designed for a certain type of customer.

It is very difficult not to find at Ikoula the server that best suits what you are looking for and always at an excellent price. In addition to this, each model is fully customizable, thanks to the fact that Ikoula is aware that each user is unique and that not everyone has the same needs. It can even be said that the customer can get a dedicated server a la carte.

Agile S: The Best Selling Server and good Value for money

We already mentioned that Ikoula offers a great variety of dedicated servers, from the Starter, designed to take the first steps in this world, to the most powerful ones like the Master, very high performance servers. However, at this point we will talk about the Agile S dedicated server, a series of multifunctional servers and flexible features.

Agile S range has become Ikoula’s best seller, and this is partly due to its quality/price ratio, which makes it a practically unbeatable product.

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Within its basic configuration presents an Intel Xeon E3 1220v5 processor that also has a RAM memory of 8 GB DDR4, a 1 TB SATA 3 hard drive and a 1 GBPS bandwidth, plus a GeForce GT 170 graphics card. However, several values of these can be changed according to the needs that the user is looking for.

With that last mentioned, the RAM memory can be expanded up to 64 GB or the hard drive as you can install a 4 TB SSD or if not, SSD hard drives of about 240 GB or 480. Additionally, you can install another hard drive to the server. Finally, you will be able to change the graphics card if you want a more powerful one, for example, the 2 GB RADEON R5 230.

These aspects make the Ikoula Agile S an ideal server for any kind of use, such as testing any kind of project or even working with Blockchain technology, which is very popular nowadays.

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Services included in the Agile S

To provide customers with greater peace of mind, the company Ikoula provides a range of services when you hire the dedicated server Agile S. Here are some of them:

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Registering Agile XXL Pro V2 Dedicated: Ideal for gamers

Being included in the generation 3 of AMD Ryzen processors, AMD Ryzen 9 3900x enters Ikoula’s Agile dedicated server series in order to provide a high-powered, high-performance server which can accommodate every application, but especially those focused on video, audio and gaming processing.

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With a 1TB SSM NVMe hard drive, 12 cores and 64GB of RAM, the Agile XXL AMD Ryzen Pro V3 dedicated server stays true to the Ikoula universe. This server is an unbeatable value for money machine, being at the cutting edge of technology and built to satisfy the demands of every professional, be it a creative agency or a video editor, as well as gamers who want to place different online games on a single server.

The server’s 7nm nano-etching also provides higher frequency than other generations of Ryzen processors, plus it lets you reduce and manage the power consumption of the dedicated server.

Power XL Pro AMD EPYC: First server based on AMD technology

The Power XL Pro dedicated server is the newest in the Power series. Like the Power L or Power M, it is a professional dedicated server which is focused on meeting the needs of infrastructures of all sizes. Power series, designed primarily for businesses, provides hosting for more critical services. This repertoire of servers has an NVMe Raid solution, which provides optimized data security due to software redundancy, in addition to the integrated KVM over IP.

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The Power XL Pro server is also the first in the series to be based on AMD technology, which is becoming increasingly popular among users, and stands out thanks to its latest-generation AMD EPYC 7282 processor. It has two 960 GB NVMe disks and 128 GB of RAM for storage, proving to be a high-end professional solution which can satisfy the most demanding needs of every company.

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In case you are looking for a dedicated server either for professional tasks or for gaming, Ikoula presents one of the best options on the market for it.