The current pace of life, the amount of actions that must be performed every day, the numerous commitments, work, children, some sport … leave no possible time for the practice of leisure activities more enjoyable and rewarding that exist; reading books. Fortunately, there are computer applications that read aloud those stories, tales, theses, diaries, texts in general for which you are interested.

Technology has resources for everyone, improving the quality of life for most citizens. For those for whom lack of time, lack of reading comprehension or some physical impairment, such as visual problems, are an impediment to enjoying a good read, a perfect solution is offered. There are a number of mobile applications that help people to read for them, any type of digitally written document, e-books, emails, web pages, PDFs, Docs, etc…

Text-to-speech applications use the so-called TTS (text-to-speech) system that transforms any type of writing into artificial voice. Although it is not literally reading, the objective of introducing in the mind of a receiver a written content is fulfilled, although in an auditory way.


Apps to listen to readings

The list of text-to-speech apps for android and for any other operating system is growing every day. The difficulty lies, therefore, in choosing the most appropriate to the interests of the user and the use that will be given. In this sense, it is worth mentioning the help from the website tecnologí, which offers an excellent guide / comparison of the 5 best text-to-speech applications for Android.

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The analysis pages, such as the one mentioned above, are an ideal solution to choose the application that best suits every need without wasting time. Thanks to them, the user will have the opportunity to decide only among an exclusive group of the best applications selected by experts in the sector. The interested party will choose the one that meets their needs or the price is the most appropriate.

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The fact is that the amount of this type of software that circulates on the Internet is too high, so that, by oneself, one can never be sure of having visited all the websites that offer them or of having found the one that meets the right criteria.

How to use a text-to-speech app

All mobile phones have the function of Text to speech, although the quality of the applications that are presented on the web platform are optimized, are more complete and keep a constant update on them.

If you want to use the one that comes by default on your smartphone, just go to Settings> System> Accessibility> Services> Select to speak. If instead you choose one of the applications recommended on the suggested page, you just have to enter it and choose to talk in the pop-up menu that presents each.

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Selecting text-to-speech applications for iOS

As already indicated, to choose between text-to-speech apps for Android best considered by experts will suffice to visit the comparative website In this article we are going to present the ones that are highly considered by iPhone users.

1. Text-to-Speech, the one built into smartphones

This default application for iOS is a marvel and, possibly, the user does not need to replace it with an external one. It is deactivated, to use it you only have to follow the next line: Settings, general, accessibility, activate voice selection.

2. SoundGecko

With a different approach to the traditional voice reading, with this app it is possible to add links you want to read using its Chrome extension. Registration is required to access the saved articles. It is also worth mentioning the support it has for RSS feeds, with which you do not have to go looking for the content to listen to it, but it comes directly to the user. There is a version for Android.

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3. Natural reader

It allows you to listen to web pages, ebooks and PDFs that have been imported to cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or your local storage. Downloading a voice is mandatory to make it work, a feature that in some cases can give problems in its latest version.

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4. Umano iOS

This app for voice readings replaces the robotic voice, which many can’t stand because they can’t get into the story they’re listening to or can’t concentrate on the lesson, with a human voice.By using real people, even professional voice talents, the reception of the readings is intense, realistic, warm and much more enjoyable.

5. Text reader

An app that converts text to natural voice aloud from all types of documents, whether they are e-books, website or paper book when scanned. Compatible with all basic formats, supporting 40 languages and all with different voices. Allows you to change the style during reading and the choice of reading speed, as well as the pitch and volume.
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