Many people accumulate in the closet a lot of clothes that they don’t wear and that are in perfect condition. Maybe they are clothes that you bought for a special occasion and have only worn once or twice, or that you didn’t even get to wear for the first time. Or maybe it’s clothes that don’t fit anymore, that you’ve outgrown or outgrown.

What to do with all this? Selling the clothes you no longer wear in an online thrift store is a great idea. In addition to recovering some money, you’ll make room in your wardrobe for other new things. Now, what are the best apps to sell second hand clothes? At we’ve found the most interesting ones.



Depop is one of the fastest growing apps for selling second hand clothes in Spain. It was born in Italy in 2011, and little by little it has been gaining a foothold in the Spanish market. This app is present in 150 countries. Its community has more than 15 million users, whose average age does not exceed 26 years.

In addition to used clothes, on Depop you can sell many other second-hand items. social. As for the commission per sale, this application charges a commission of 10% of the total amount. If, in addition you use Paypal as a payment method (the most recommended, on the other hand) you will have to take into account that they also take another commission (around 3% of the sale).

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Vinted is an app designed to sell second hand clothes exclusively. This app is free and has no commission per sale. But you have to keep in mind that it does not allow direct payment. In addition, there is a buyer protection fee that can be included when paying. In this way, the money will be protected. The cost of this service is 0.70 euros plus 5% of the price of the item.

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Wallapop is the app for selling used clothes and other second-hand items pioneer in Spain. In fact, millions of people use this app. As for payment, although this app recommends payment in person, they also offer the option ‘Wallapop Shipping’, which guarantees the protection of the purchase.

As for the commission per sale, Wallapop charges 10% of the amount of the sale, not including the cost of shipping.


Pinkiz is another app dedicated exclusively to fashion and accessories where you can sell all the clothes you no longer wear. In this app you do not pay commissions per sale and has a secure shipping system. In addition, this app has a chat to facilitate direct contact. It also has a function of looks to associate garments sold, to get an idea of the combination that you can get by buying several products.

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If you do not want to complicate your life by selling your clothes and you want to give them as a gift to give them a second chance, you can use the Gratix application. This app, in addition to putting in contact people who have things to give away and people who are looking for certain items, facilitates the shipping process, which is always paid by the person who receives the gift.