When shopping online we always feel insecure, we do not know if the purchase is 100% safe or that we can be victims of a scam. It is very common to find sites created to scam people or online sales portals such as Amazon or Ebay there are also people who offer a product and end up sending one that is of much lower quality or is not what the customer requested.

Another problem that we can find is the doubt and uncertainty that our financial information as nuestrastarjetas credit is safe and will not be used for later fraud or theft. That is why we decided to elaborate this article to mention thebest security tricks to do your online shopping.

1. Use a secure Wifi or internet connection to shop online

It may be easy to use public internet networks, bars or shopping malls to make your purchases, but it should always be clear that these connections are very vulnerable to attacks from hackers or cybercriminals. For this reason it is advisable to perform these operations in a secure network.

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2. Keep your computer updated and secure

When we make a purchase on the Internet we must provide a lot of personal information, which is very dangerous. It is for this reason that we must keep our computers updated and with a good antivirus.

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3. Buy in recognized online stores

On many occasions when we surf the net in search of an offer we can get strange and unreliable sites. The first thing to do is to check the URL of the site in order to decorroborar that it is the same as it claims to be, in addition to this it is important that it begins with HTTPS. When buying on web portals you will avoid being scammed or be a victim of theft of confidential information.

4. Check the security and return policies of the site

Before proceeding to make a purchase, the best thing you can do is look for the site’s privacy policy. It is usually in a visible place and it is updated. We must know how to act in situations where the package we receive is not what we had requested.

5. Use an online credit card generator

If you are suspicious about the security of a shopping website, the best thing to do is to resort to an online credit card generator. With these cards you can verify that they are not trying to scam you. Mostly they are used to take advantage of free membership sites.

6. Provide the necessary personal data in a safe way

If you get to some kind of portal where you are supplied with any additional information that is strange (name of family members, mobile phone number, place of birth, etc.) in order to make the purchase, leave immediately. You should verify that the site is correct and that you have not been redirected to another portal where you can steal valuable personal information. You can also choose to use the virtual keyboard Panda Security in cases where you suspect that the computer is infected with a spy virus.


7. Avoid any links in advertisements or in the mail

If at any time you receive an offer that is too good to be true, it is most likely a trap and they are trying to steal your personal and financial information. Currently one of the biggest practices used by cybercriminals are email ad campaigns or advertisements published with “incredible offers”.

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8. Check your account statements and credit card transactions periodically

Periodically review all the movements of your credit cards and verify that all of them are known or made by you. If you identify any suspicious transaction, contact your bank immediately, you may have been the victim of a robbery.

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