When we talk about Hotmail email, we are talking about one of the most widely used email services on the entire internet, and which, in its early days, was one of the most used email services. Its popularity increased significantly by the simple fact of having MSN, the most popular website in the early 2000s. Thanks to the fact that it had a very simple and practical interface, it had become the favorite of millions of users.


Login to Hotmail email nowOutlook.com

Once we have created an account on Hotmail, we can begin to use and enjoy all the features it brings, apart from email. To do this, first, we must log in with the data we entered at the time of registration.

Here we will show you which are the steps you must follow to log in Hotmail:

1- First we go to the main page of Outlook.com. At this point a window will appear with a special box for login. Here we will be asked to enter our email address.

2- Enter the email @Hotmail.com or @Outlook.com, and then click on the next button (depending on the language) located below it.

3- Next, a window will appear where our email will be displayed and, under it, a box will appear where we are asked to enter the corresponding password. After this, we click on the button to start session in Hotmail email or in the case of being in English “sign in”.

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4- Now if all the data is correct, we will be redirected to our Outlook.com inbox where we will be able to navigate through all its functions and options.

As you can see, logging in Hotmail is a very simple and fast task, and the only requirements you need is to have your email address on the platform and your password that you provided when you registered in Hotmail.
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Hotmail email features

As we had already told you, Hotmail, now Outlook, is one of the gigantic internet sites that over time has managed to perpetuate itself and has evolved in order to improve the experience for all its users. Now, we will mention below what are its most outstanding features:

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How to create an account in Hotmail.com, Hotmail.mx or Hotmail.ar

If we want to enjoy all the services we have mentioned, it is absolutely essential to create a free Hotmail account. With this account we will be able to access the Outlook page, check our emails, upload files to OneDrive, among other functions.

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Although for many it may seem a very tedious process, estodo the opposite because it is very simple and only consists of filling out a very simple form with some of our personal data, as well as lohacemos to register on another website. That is why we will guide you through this step by step:

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1- First of all, we must enter the Hotmail home page or your inbox. Where we will click on the “create free account” button.

2- Being there we will be asked to specify the name of the email we want to create, on one side we can click on the menu where we will choose the email extension that can be between @outlook.es, @outlook.com or @hotmail.com. When we specify it we must click on the “Next” button located under the box.

3- After doing this step, we will be redirected to a window where we will have to enter the password that we will use to log in Hotmail. When creating this password you must keep in mind that it must meet certain criteria such as: it must have at least 8 digits, which must include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters to ensure a higher level of security. Once the password is created, click on next.

4- As usual to create an account in Hotmail we must identify ourselves, that’s why we will be asked to provide our name and surname in the next window. Once we specify them we will click on next.

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5- Now in the next window we specify the country where you are in addition to your date of birth in the following boxes.

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6- Now you will be asked to complete a task to verify that you are a real person and not a bot that is creating fake accounts.

7- In the next step, Hotmail will ask you to provide some information so that you can recover your account password in case you forget it. In this window, enter your phone number corresponding to your country. Then click on the “Send Code” button.

7- Then the Microsoft team will send you a code by text message to your mobile phone, you will have to enter it in its respective box and finally, click on Next.

Once this process is finished, you will be able to create an account on the Hotmail platform. With the email address that we specify and the password we can log in to the page and enjoy all the services that Microsoft offers us.

Recover your Hotmail password Microsoft email

To all at some point we will have forgotten the password to enter a web page and even our email, but we should not be too alarmed because there are methods to regain access to the Hotmail mail page.

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You may also be interested in reading:mdm correo gob es: What is it and how to log in? Outlook has been very predictable in these cases, since it offers the option to recover Hotmail account by following the simple steps that we will explain below:

1- First of all, we go to the Hotmail page, where we will see the box to log in with our email address.

2- We enter our email address in the corresponding box and then click on the Next button.

3- After completing these steps a tab will appear with our email where under it we will be asked to enter our password, but in this case we have problems logging in to Hotmail email, click where it says “Forget my password”.

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I forgot my Outlook.com or Hotmail.com password

4- If you choose the I forgot my password option, you will be redirected to a window where you will have two options, in the first one provide an alternative email address where you will be sent a security code or in the second one provide an alternative email address where you will be sent a security code or I don’t have any of these tests.

5- If you select the first one, a code will be sent to the email address you specified when you registered in Hotmail, you will have to write it in the corresponding box.

6- Now, if you choose I don’t have any of these tests, the procedure is very similar. You will be sent to another page where you will have to provide another email address where the security code will be sent to you.

7- When you provide the alternative email address, click on Next. Next, you will receive a security code that is required to verify your identity in Hotmail. You must enter this code in the corresponding box and then click on Verify.

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8- If you select this option, the first thing you will be asked to do is to verify that you typed your email address correctly. In the same way, verify that the domain is the right one; that is @hotmail.com, Outlook.com or live.com. After you have done this, the identity verification steps will be repeated.


I think someone else is using my Microsoft account

9- If this is the case, choosing this option will display a series of options where you must choose the one that best suits your case. After this, the identity verification step described above will be repeated.

We hope that with this guide you have been able to get what you needed, whether it is to create an account, log in or recover your Hotmail account.