Finally, Amazon decided to update its application for reading books through mobile devices, which is called Kindle, just like its e-book reader. This new version brings great changes that will interest the frequent reader who takes advantage of technology to have at their fingertips a lot of books of different genres and topics.

This update was given in parallel in the versions for Android and Apple iOS, so it reaches all the public that frequently takes advantage of the benefits of this application developed by Amazon, the main e-book store on the Internet.

While Kindle always has minimal updates, which are related to the solution to frequent bugs or performance problems, this time the new version of Kindle brings with it a new design that will attract the attention of the frequent user, since new features have been added, especially social.

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Now Kindle readers will have direct access to the social platform Goodreads, owned by Amazon, which is widely used by readers today to comment on books, get recommendations, rate books and even make their own publications.

Within the design change we can clearly see that Amazon has given more importance to the covers of the books, since now they will be much larger, which facilitates access and in turn give the application a much sharper interface. We can also find new fonts or typefaces to choose from when reading electronic content, which greatly facilitates reading for those who are accustomed to certain styles, especially when enjoying a long book.
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With the new update of the Kindle application, its search engine has become much more effective and faster, since now when looking for readings we can get results in real time. A particularity of the new search engine is the fact that we can search the books or texts that we have on our mobile device, as well as those available in the Amazon store simultaneously, since, when searching for a title in the search engine, it will give us all kinds of useful results for the frequent reader who needs to enjoy a book.

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Kindle is one of the most used applications for reading books among users of mobile devices, and although many criticize the fact that it is simply a link between readers and the Amazon store, since it constantly encourages users to buy books in it, it should be noted that it is one of the most complete applications related to the reading of books by the number of options it has, and in turn by the fact that in Amazon we can also find a lot of free books to enjoy at any time.

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