Although it is true that technological media, social networks and web portals have evolved the way of life that we humans have, it is also true that these can become harmful if we do not handle them correctly.

It is always necessary to remember that the Internet is not a private medium, and that everything we do when surfing the web leaves traces. Every page we visit, every post we publish and every photo we upload is recorded on the internet forever. That’s why we should always think twice before doing things, especially when we want to publish a photo in a forum or in our social networks. That’s when we should consider whether it would be a good idea to upload the photo and remember that once published, we will never be able to delete it completely.


Although, of course, there are certain types of photos that we shouldn’t even consider posting, and these are the following:

Photos with personal data

For those who are used to taking pictures of themselves quite often and anywhere they can, many times they can get careless, even capturing personal information.
At first, many would think that letting out some personal data is not serious, but if this information reaches the wrong people who only have bad intentions, then we could take some unpleasant surprises. From identity theft to cyber theft, these are some of the situations that you can go through if you get careless and publish personal data on the Internet.

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Also, we recommend you not to upload photos of airline tickets or award-winning tickets, because you’d be surprised at all the places where they can get information to use it against you.

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Photos of your children

What may seem like an innocent and even tender photo to us, for others can be an opportunity to take advantage of, since we never know who can see what we put up in forums and on our social networks. Posting photos of our children is a very common activity nowadays, there are even proud parents who compete to see who can post the cutest or cutest photo of their offspring.

Although nothing is with bad intentions, we must remember that by doing this we are violating the privacy of our children, with photos of which they may feel ashamed and that in the worst case, may end up in the hands of pedophiles.

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Photos with location

The reasons why we shouldn’t show these types of photos on the internet can be quite obvious, however, there are still many people who are unaware of the danger of posting photos with their location. By posting these photos, we are clearly sharing our location, which can make it easier for potential kidnappers. No matter how tempting it is to post these types of photos to show off where we are, we should always remember that they can be used against us.

Vacation Photos

We know, this is something so common and we think it’s innocent, however, by uploading photos while on vacation, we are letting criminals know that we are not at home. This can turn out to be a perfect opportunity for those who know the location of our homes, as not being home makes it much easier to break in and steal. If you really want to post your vacation photos, we recommend that you do it when your vacation is over and you’re home.

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Identity documents or credit cards

Posting this kind of photos, can be as or even more dangerous than just providing data, because with this we are giving many opportunities to cyber thieves and identity thieves, since we are practically doing all the work for them. You might be surprised how many people have even published photos of their ID card, passport and even credit cards, making them vulnerable to hundreds of predators on the Internet.

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Remember, everything we do on the internet can leave traces, and any information we provide in a photo becomes an opportunity to harm us, so we should think twice before making any publication.

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