You are probably looking for links to download free telenovelas but your efforts have been in vain. Well in this opportunity we are going to help you with this task so you can enjoy your favorite shows.

Now, it is necessary to take into account something about this kind of pages, usually they are not updated very regularly, and the links to download free telenovelas are usually down. That’s why we will give you multiple options where you can find the telenovela you are looking for.


Links to Free Telenovela Download Pages

One thing these sites have in common is that they are all hosted by

This is the one that usually has more updates among those shown in this list. Now, like all these pages was filled with a lot of advertising links. Its interface is quite simple and old but easy to handle.

When we enter it we will get a sidebar on the left where all the soap operas that are available for download. There we will choose the one we like the most, then opens a page where we provide instructions to continue with the download.

This page has a more elaborate and attractive interface. Here we will find in the first moment that we enter with some of the telenovelas that have available for download. We recommend searching for telenovelas manually from their homepage since their side menu does not work properly.

This page dates back to 2013 so the content on it is old and does not receive download link updates on all of its content.

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This is the third option of free telenovelas download links that we are going to give you. Now this one has a lot of telenovelas from many parts of the world from the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Japan, Italy, Colombia and more.

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This page dates back to 2009 and has content from 1965 to 2013, but as with other pages, being so old some of their links do not work. This is one of the most uncomfortable to use because every link you click has a shortened with advertising.

Best sites to Watch Telenovelas Online for Free

If you do not get the soap opera you want to download we recommend some pages where you can watch it online at any time from any device with an internet connection.


All Telemundo content is available on your page only 5 days after being issued, so you can enjoy all the content of this platform without any uncomfortable advertising and in high definition.


The website allows you to access all the content of Telecinco, Cuatro, Divinity, among other channels. This in a totally legal way and without advertising.

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Now, if you are looking for a place where you can get all the most popular soap operas in one place is the site you are looking for. Now, this is a place with a very attractive interface but being an unofficial website this makes money through advertising, so you will find some advertising before playing the chapters.

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In this web page we will find the most popular telenovelas. In its main menu we get that are divided by country and by releases in 2020. The downside of this page is that it also has advertising, although it is easy to avoid.

CREATE a Gmail ACCOUNT Without a Phone Number This is another website where you can enjoy your telenovelas, although they do not have a large number of these, so the variety is not their forte. However, the positive point is that it has no advertising so if you get the one you want to see this will surely be the ideal place to see it.