In 2022 , the streamingservicehas been the main course to enjoy content of all kinds. Platforms like Amazon Prime, HBO or the traditional Netflix, have numerous catalogs of series and movies that people like. However, the public seeks other means to enjoy this content such as Dontorrent, a free platform.

The problem with Dontorrent is that it incurs or violates the regulations that protect copyrights. For this reason, offering movies, series or documentaries in particular is difficult, having to constantly change domains. That’s why, nowadays, there are other alternatives to take advantage of the torrent world.


What is Dontorrent about? A specialized tool to enjoy your favorite content

Talking about this platform is referring to one of the biggest torrent download sites on the Internet. It is characterized by a simple and organized interface at a glance that does not require user registration. This platform categorizes the best series, movies and documentaries in a structured way, keeping them within reach of the person. It even has a blog and a help center to clarify the relevant doubts. In short, it is a complete application where it is possible to enjoy those great movie premieres.

The problem with Dontorrent and this kind of platforms is its inconvenience with copyrights. The torrent system allows the download of this content from a private server outside the legalized content distribution services. It is for this reason that they are persecuted and, concurrently, closed and forced to change domain.

Why is it important to know other options to Dontorrent? The main reason

It is not a certainty that Dontorrent will remain available for long after recurring problems with the law. The regulations that protect the well-known copyrights prevent the correct development of these platforms. Therefore, at any time, they can be shut down unexpectedly.


An example of this has been the fall of the domains of Megaupload or The Pirate Bay, who, despite everything, have recovered. Thanks to the ease with which these sites can move to other Internet addresses, no content is lost. Additionally, since torrent files are shared massively without the need for a central distributor, they are not limited. Yet another rationale behind these popular download sites on the Internet as such, so they will always have a way to escape regulation.

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What are the most interesting alternatives to Dontorrent? Applications still valid in 2022 

Torrents are files shared by users of the medium for other users without having to go through the filter of a distribution service. As already mentioned, they boast private servers, but these are a double-edged sword. If they are discovered they will close, so it is necessary to know several alternatives.

The new and improved The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the main alternative today and always has been, even leaving aside its various problems with justice. Although it has had to constantly change its servers, it is still active today. Basically, it is called a library of Torrents filtering results in different categories. From the typical searches for movies or series, to games, video content of all kinds and applications. It even includes an option to explore different kinds of torrents, as well as a top 100 with the latest and most demanded downloads.

As if that wasn’t enough, in its lower section, there is a guide on how to download with Pirate Bay.

GUIDE To Watch The BEST Series and Movies for FREE, a discreet alternative

This platform works with a central torrent search engine that is easy to use and available all the time. It is reminiscent of the iconic Pirate Bay site and acts as a clone of kickasstorrents, another major platform in its time.

Additionally, if you don’t want to make use of the central search engine, the platform has an option to change the view. By clicking on “Switch to full page“, you will access a more complete mode or interface of this torrent system. The particularity of this mode is that the torrents will be organized by category, as well as showing the latest releases.

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The multifunctional RARBG

RARBG is another of the direct alternatives to Dontorrent with an interface very similar to the two previous ones. It complies with its central search engine, as well as search filters for a more targeted result. The characteristic of this platform as such is its accuracy when it comes to offering different current content. For users who want to enjoy the most demanded series, it is up to date with all the premieres. On the other hand, it is based on a very active community where torrent files are shared in a wide flow. Likewise, music and adult videos are its mainstay in general.

A look at the popular uTorrent in 2022 

UTorrent is a world-famous download platform or application with a community of over 150 million users. Unlike the examples mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it doesn’t work in a web format. On the contrary, it has its own downloadable software available for operating systems such as MAC OS, Linux, Android and Windows.

Once downloaded, it works as an excellent torrent manager, allowing you to get all those series and movies that sound the most. From enjoying the Marvel classics, to the most outstanding Netflix series.

A different perspective with Subtorrents

Subtorrents is one of the lesser known alternatives to Dontorrent, but that doesn’t make it any less incompetent. However, its premise goes beyond what is offered by its predecessors, allowing you to download torrents of “alternative” series and movies. In other words, it is a platform that allows you to download films that are not so well known, but are still appreciated by a large part of the public. Therefore, it is at the service of that large minority of people with more peculiar tastes compared to others. And, thanks to its intuitive interface and homepage, its use becomes more pleasant and conciliatory with the user.

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