Today we will teach you how to use and get Acestream links so you can watch whatever you want without interruptions. Nowadays it is very common for television channels to broadcast their content on their websites, giving their customers the possibility to access all their programming live. Although this brings with it that some televisions place additional advertisements that affect the normal viewing of the content, in other cases they request the installation of Adobe Flash Player or some other similar program.

However, we can use P2P networks to watch online content. If you wonder what are the P2P, the answer is simple, it is a group of computers which are connected to each other, these do not require any server to operate which allows them to improve the performance of transmissions and better manage network capacity, this brings with it the advantage that you can enjoy different content with just using software. There is a controversy with the use of this method, since it can be considered illegal, although programs like Acestream assure that they are completely within the law.

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What is the basis of Acestream, well you see, this program is an online content player which allows live viewing of DTD channel content, without any kind of compilation. This is a free program, which allows its users to enjoy live content without any kind of commercials or cuts.


What is ACESTREAM and What is it for?

Acestream is a program to watch streaming content through P2P, its operation is that of a multimedia player which is designed for viewing content on the internet using a series of protocols. To understand it a little better these protocols are the same ones used by BitTorrent.
You may also be interested in reading:How to access ExvagosIn short, Acestream uses the files created or published by users and sharing them from their computers, which generates that the more users are connected to a particular channel, this channel will go with better quality and fluidity. This is due to the fact that there are more users sharing that content, a better optimization is achieved by having more files to choose from and get a better connection.

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With Acestream you can watch your favorite series, games, movies and channels no matter where you are, you only need to be connected to the internet from your computer. Below is a list of the benefits of using this P2P player:

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How to watch TV with Acestream links from a computer

Now that you have the knowledge of what is Acestream and the uses that can be given, in addition to all its advantages. The next step is to learn the steps you must follow to be able to watch free TV online from your computer.
The first thing is to download the program, paraello we developed this small guide to download and configuration.

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How to download Acestream and configure it

First of all, we recommend that you always download the latest version of Acestream for it to work properly.

Download ACE Stream for Windows

  1. First of all, you must access the portal to download the original program and avoid downloading by mistake some malware that can put your computer at risk.
  2. Once inside the site, you must locate the download button “Ace Stream Media 3.1 (WIN)”, click on it and a pop-up window will appear where you must click again to start the download.
  3. When the download is finished you will have to close the browser because it will install a series of add-ons necessary for the operation of Acestream.
  4. Indicate the place where you want the program’s cache memory to be stored.
  5. At the end it is important that you check the box “Visit Ace Stream website and test the installed software”, then click on “Finish”.

As you can see from its official website, Acestream also offers its services for Android.

Setting up ACE Stream

When we have finished the whole installation process, we proceed to run it and start the configuration to get the most out of it and for that you must follow these steps:

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To get Acestream Links

We already know what Acestream is for, how to download and configure it, but now another question arises: Where do we get the Acestream links? At this point we will explain where you can get them and from a 100% safe source.

First of all, and before starting on this topic, we must point out that all copyrighted content can not be used without prior authorization. Therefore, it is necessary to access web portals that provide us with legal Acestream links, thus ensuring that the content is attached to the laws of Spain. When downloading Acestream links we recommend the use of the website which is cataloged as the best and largest repository of television channels. In addition to finding and enjoying DTT channels, you can also share them.

It is for this reason that GitHub is the perfect portal to find links Acestream that will allow us to enjoy the most of this program and its full potential. We will be able to watch at any time and from wherever we want our favorite channels thanks to these links and the use of Acestream.

To use the Acestream link is just a matter of copying the URL provided by GitHub, access the Ace Stream program. We open the “Media” menu, then select “Open network dump”, we will activate a box where we will place the link that we previously copied. Finally, we will only have to click on “Play” to enjoy the programming.