In today’s article we will dedicate ourselves to guide you and teach you how to create an email on mobile. This is a very simple task that anyone can do without the need to have a lot of knowledge.

How to Create an Email from my mobile

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The creation of an email from our mobile phone is something really simple, although there are many companies that offer this service. For this guide we will create a Gmail  email because it is the most popular and simple that we can get.

  1. The first step we must do is to have installed on our smartphone the Gmail application.
  2. Once we have it installed, we proceed to run it.
  3. This will show us a series of options from which we will choose “New”.
  4. At this point we will be asked to enter our name and surname and then choose “Next”.
  5. Next, we will be asked to choose what will be the username of our email, for example: [email protected] When we already have our username we choose “Next”.
  6. Possibly if the username is already in use, it will ask you to choose a new one, and it will show you some suggestions.
  7. Once we are past this step and we have an email address we will be asked to enter a password for our email address. For it to be valid it has to be at least 8 characters long.
  8. In the next step we will be asked to provide an alternative email address with which we can recover the account in case we forget the password. If we don’t have any other email address we choose the option “Not now” and continue with the process.
  9. As a last step we must accept the terms and conditions and for this we choose the option “Accept”. As a last step you will see a captcha that we must solve to verify that we are not a robot.

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There are two methods to set up a decorreo account to your iOS smartphone: automatically or manually.

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Set up email automatically

If you use an email company like iCloud, Gmail or Yahoo, the Mail app can easily set them up by simply supplying your email address and password. To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”, here you will be directed to passwords and accounts.
  2. Choose “Add account” and select your email provider. In case your provider does not appear, choose “Other”.
  3. Enter your email address (username and password).
  4. Click “Next” and wait for it to be set up.
  5. Select your account information such as contacts and calendars, then click save.

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Setting up email manually

In case Mail does not have the email settings, you will have to enter all the data manually. Choose “Next” and follow the steps:

  1. Choose between IMAP or POP to set up your new account. If you have no idea which one to choose, contact your email service provider.
  2. Make sure you enter the correct incoming and outgoing mail server information. Then click “Next”, if you don’t have this information you can look it up or request it from your email provider.
  3. If you manage to correctly configure your email settings press “Save” to finish the process, otherwise you will be asked to verify the information and modify them.

We hope this guide will help you when creating an email from your mobile and how to configure it.

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