Having a professional email with your own domain is the best way to give your business a secure means of communication. Plus, it gives your customers the feeling of greater reliability and that your business is very well established. Like any service, this comes at a cost, but we can tell you that it’s the last thing you need to worry about.

There is a wide variety of servers that can offer you this function, you just have to consider some aspects in order to find the best one. We invite you to know the best way to get your own domain and the best way to determine which service will be the best for you, clear all your doubts!


What is the process of getting a business email with your own domain?

When you decide to get your own professional email domain, the first thing you need to do is find a service you trust. You can hire Titan from Hostinger, the very same Gmail that offers this possibility or consider using a less recognized service, but with excellent features.
professional mail with own domain 2021

Once you decide with which one you will establish the business relationship, you just have to go to the creation of the email addresses. Generally speaking the process is the same and usually starts with the main account, which will be yours as the head of the company. At this point you must use your domain after the “@” that is to say “[email protected]”.


You will only need to create the addresses under this domain to start using the professional email. Keep in mind that this process is usually quite simple and even intuitive. Some servers will require information from your company or your employees to enhance the experience.

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What are the benefits of using this type of service?

One of the main reasons why a company agrees to create a professional email with its own domain is security. These emails usually work as a closed circuit in which no one can access without authorization. At the same time, this allows the information sent or the meetings held to be confidential.

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At the same time, it allows the disuse of personal emails of workers, allowing notifications are always made and are seen on time. Something that helps to improve the efficiency of teamwork. Added to this is the fact that it provides the possibility to show a greater professionalism to customers. Another interesting detail is that some of these services allow you to monitor the condition of an email. An aspect that improves the tracking of messages and helps to correct any erroneous situation. It can be considered as a vital advantage because it allows you to know if an item has been rejected, returned or its sending has failed.

As a last aspect considered beneficial, this type of email provides an excellent opportunity for implicit advertising. The fact that the emails have your domain, helps people to be interested in it, because it is a sign of reliability. This is an excellent factor for digital structure companies.

Is it worth investing in this type of email?

Considering the immense amount of advantages that are offered for a fairly minimal investment, this is a million dollar idea. Most of the companies that offer what is necessary to have this type of email, set prices that suit anyone’ s economy. There are offers that can even lower the cost of the service.

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Is there any other way to get a professional email for your company?

For an annual payment that usually is not very high, you can get everything you need to get your professional email with your own domain. An amount you have to put in the balance if you consider the other existing method to have a professional email for your company.

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professional email with own domain

The other creation model requires a team that can generate the email application by building it from scratch. This can have a considerably high cost, added to the fact that you will have to perform maintenance on the equipment. In addition, the backlog of emails can require investment in memory and systems.
Although this is a very tentative model of procurement, ideally it should only be used by large companies with thousands of employees. This thinking that they can afford the costs in a proper way, where they do not generate more losses than gains.