Nowadays, users of mobile devices, are accustomed to install a large number of these on their equipment, which brings them as a consequence that their battery is easily discharged. Here we will give you several recommendations on how to create an app to save battery.

Among the most common applications installed by users, you can see Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, some games, tools or other social networks, these apps which are the favorites of many, consume resources, memory, space and battery of your device. But, it is possible to create Lite versions of these apps including their websites, so you can free up space and use them without complications, avoiding slowness, resource consumption and battery drain on your device.


What is a LITE Version?

There are some applications that consume a lot of battery, mobile data and resources, which make your Android device work slowly, especially if it is a low-end device.

If this is your case and your device is not one of the most modern or expensive, a very useful and interesting alternative is to convert to Lite or find a way to create a Lite app, those applications or websites of your preference or those you visit the most. This way you can consume fewer resources on your device, because these apps are basically created thinking of users who use devices with lower capacities and presentation.

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Some applications like Facebook, have launched their own version less simple, which has less than 1 Mb and some basic options, but many social networks, still do not offer this service. That’s why if your favorite app doesn’t have this version, it is possible to create its Lite version from the official one or from the website, allowing you to save resources and battery of your device.

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How to create a LITE APP of your favorite applications?

Once you have downloaded the official version of your favorite applications,how to create an app that takes less space and does not consume so much battery, the first thing to do is to download the tool to create Lite versions, from the official version or the website.

One of these tools is Hermit, which after being downloaded offers default options of the most used social networks and apps, but it will allow you to include your own through the integrated browser.

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This browser will take you to the URL version of the application you have selected and then press the + button, click on create and ready, you already have a direct access on your screen to the website of your favorite application, as if it were an app, but lighter. If you want to create a new one, just go to the menu on the right and in the options displayed press the create option, once the Lite app is created, you can uninstall the native version from your device, freeing up space on it.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a Lite version of your applications

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One advantage of using a tool like this is that the applications do not run in the background and thus consume less battery, saves data and resources of your device. Although these versions are limited and lack some features, they will be of great use to you.

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Also, one of the cons of using a tool like Hermit, which allows you to know how to create a Lite app, is that its Spanish version does not have a good translation. Another big disadvantage of using this tool, is that the free version of it, will only allow you to create two Lite app, for two mobile applications on your device.