On the Internet we find a huge variety of options to watch virtually any content, but one of the best is Gnula. In this article we bring you a guide to watch the best series and movies for free on Gnula.


Watch movies and series online for free with Gnula

This website is one of the most popular websites to watch audiovisual content without having to pay anything at all. On Gnula you will find both new releases and classic content that you can’t find elsewhere. This site stands out because all its content is constantly updated, ensuring that users can enjoy the content they are looking for. Among its catalog are titles that are not possible to get them on other portals, or if they have them are in a poor quality.

It has a nice interface that makes it easy to use, plus the content is almost immediate, thanks to the players they use are light and fast. With respect to the subtitles are also already loaded.

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How to use Gnula?

This is quite simple and practically anyone will be able to make use of this website to watch free series and movies on Gnula. First of all you must enter the website using the browser that is to your liking or entering directly to this link gnula.nu/.

When you enter the first thing you will see will be the content that was recently uploaded to the web portal. If you want you can explore this home page in search of the content you were looking for, because if this is a recent release you may find it quickly.

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On the other hand, you can make use of the integrated search engine, which is linked to Google and is located at the top of the page. In this search box you put the name of the series you are looking for or the movie, and in case you know the year it was released you can also add it. Once the search is done, it will show you all the results that are related to the search in Gnula.

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Search by genre

On the other hand, if you are not looking for a specific title but you want to watch a series or movie of a specific genre, you can search by genre. To do this you just have to go to the top of the page where you will find some tabs, there you will choose the one called “Genre”.

Keep in mind that, like most of these pages, this has pop-up advertising, so you have to close windows that open without your permission but is something simple to do.
Once you load the “Genre” tab you will find a large number of genres where you will choose the one you like, and you will be shown all the movies related to this. You just have to choose the one that catches your attention, select the player you like and enjoy.

Gnula Apk: How to Install it

This application will allow us to view our favorite series and movies at any time from a computer with Windows or Mac system, it will also allow us to use it on a Smart Tv and even install it on a TV Box and Firestick.

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Install Gnula Apk on Android

The installation on Android devices is simple, we will only have to look for it in the Play Store and install it as we would do with any other application, or we can resort to the Apk. But for this case we will have to activate the permissions to the device, to do this follow these steps:

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Step 1

Go to settings on the mobile, once there you enter “Security and Privacy”.

Step 2

When we are there we look for an option called “Unknown sources” and proceed to activate it.

Step 3

Once this is done we look for the Apk file that we downloaded and proceed with the installation.

It should be noted that to perform the installation of the Apk we must perform this process regardless of whether it is a Smartphone, Tablet, Smart Tv, Android Boxes and other devices. Usually, in some devices this feature is already enabled. You can download Gnula Tv Lie Apk here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rb3pny4vaasibfw/file

Install Gnula on Windows and Mac

To install this program on computers it will be necessary to have an Android emulator for this task, because this is where we will install Gnula. For this, you only need to search for the emulator that meets all your expectations and that it is the best compatible with the features of your computer , no matter if it is Windows 7/8/10 or Mac.

Once installed the Android emulator will be necessary to make the activation to install programs from unknown sources as we explained above. Once that is done we install the Apk. To run it must always be done through the emulator.

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Gnula for Smart Tv

In the Smart Tv will be necessary that these have the AndroidTV operating system, otherwise you will have to resort to external devices that allow them to transmit on the screen. We recommend these:

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Install on Firestick and TV Box

In these devices the task is simple, because they work with Android, so you just have to follow the steps already explained to install the application on them and enjoy the content of Gnula.