There is a wide variety of applications for Android mobile devices within Google Play, which have the most diverse purposes, but because the download and subsequent installation is a delay for the average user, the official Google application store decided to enable a function so that applications can be tested without having to install them previously.

This new Google Play feature will allow us to decide whether we opt for one or another application, as it will allow us to take a look at the features, interface and settings options of each tool available for Android. Users appreciated this new feature very much because it makes it much easier to decide between dozens of applications that perform the same functions, and where their differences are minimal.

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The essential requirement to be able to start testing Android applications without installing them is to have Android 5.0 version of the operating system, or a higher version, since it is a function that adapts to the technologies incorporated from Android 5.0.
We recommend those who meet the requirement of having a Smartphone or Tablet with Android 5.0 or higher, to previously verify if they have the Google Play Store updated, since only the latest version of this store incorporates this new feature that will allow us to try any application without any restriction.

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To check if we have the latest version, you must go to Google Play Store, then Settings, and press Play Store version. If we have the latest version of this store, we will get a notice informing us, otherwise we must update it.
To try a particular application without having to install it previously, we will simply press “Try now” or “Try now” on the page of the application within the Google Play Store, a button that is located to the left of the “Install” button. So it is expected that this feature will be widely used by frequent users who enter the Google Play Store to find useful and fun applications.

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This measure will undoubtedly help those users who have frequent problems with lack of space on their mobile devices, because by using this new feature they can avoid installing unnecessary applications, which despite being uninstalled later end up generating temporary files or records that take up storage space within the equipment.

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