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Currently the online music and video market is still dominated by the giant YouTube, and this platform offers a huge amount of quality content that makes it very popular. That’s why many users prefer it over other sites.

However, there is a problem and that is that sometimes we want to save a video or song to play it while we are offline. The problem here is that YouTube Go, which is the YouTube platform where we can save videos to play them when we don’t have internet connection, doesn’t allow us to download any video, so it’s not an ideal option.

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But this has a solution, although we must always seek the services of an external tool, and in this case we will talk about Offliberty. It offers us the possibility to download videos and music from YouTube, all in MP3 or MP4 format. In short, it helps you to download both audio and video from any video on YouTube.

What is OffLiberty?

It’s very simple to explain, OffLiberty is a tool that will help you download any video on YouTube in 2022 . This is very beneficial, because we can save the downloaded video on a hard disk or on a memory.
To use this tool is not necessary to have to install any program on your computer, as it will allow us to do so from your own page. This is beneficial because from any device anywhere in the world we can use OffLiberty to download content on YouTube.

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How to download music and videos from YouTube with Offliberty

This task is quite simple, as we indicated above, you will not have to install any program or anything like that. Its downloading system is so simple that almost anyone will be able to use it.

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The first step to download videos and music from YouTube in MP3 or MP4 is to access OffLiberty’s official website here. Once inside you will see a window like this:

As a next step and obvious stop is that we place the link to the video you want to download, now well, this a little stumbling block, because in many cases the link that we take from the address bar may not work. That is why we will have to resort to the link that we get by using the “Share”button.

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This will give us as a result a link like the one we see below:

Now yes, this link that we get is the one that we will copy and paste in the OffLiberty search box. Once the link has been placed, click on the “Off”button. Once a while has passed and the download is finished we get a box like the one shown below, in which we choose whether we want to keep the audio or the video. Now, to download the video we will only have to right click and select “Save link as…” this will automatically allow us to download the video, but if we want only the audio we will have to click where it says “Extract audio”.

When we choose the file format we want, a window will open on our computer that will ask us for a name for the file and will ask us where we want to download it. With this we will have the YouTube video on our computer to enjoy it offline. As you can see, downloading audio or video from YouTube is very simple using OffLiberty.

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This process will only take us one or two minutes at most and we will have at our fingertips any video to be able to enjoy it anywhere. A very positive point for us is that OffLiberty allows the download of large files, something that is practically impossible in other similar sites.

Better alternatives to OffLiberty in 2022 

If it happens that you can’t access this page to download YouTube content, we want to leave you with some pretty good alternatives for 2022 :

This is an app that you can easily get for Android devices, Mac and PC. It allows you to download virtually any audio or video content from various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Something you should keep in mind is that it is not found in the app store, but as an APK. This is another app to download videos and music very good and recommended. This one has a plus and that is that from its website it allows you to edit photos and change the format to videos.

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You may have already heard of Convert Video Online or visited their website. It should be noted that this is one of the best alternatives to OffLiberty that you can get because it allows you to download MP3 and MP4 from YouTube and other sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo.

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