MailCreating a Gmail account without a phone number is a pretty simple task, even if it doesn’t seem like it. There are different methods that can help you achieve it and for the most part, they don’t require any great feats. Keep in mind that the phone number is a security requirement and you might need it at some point.

Now, Google has established the phone number as a requirement in the creation of their accounts; this is to prevent people from creating multiple emails to generate fake accounts and other risky situations. But many times, giving your number is something that is a bit uncomfortable, because it could be a problem.


How do I create a Gmail account without a phone number?

The phone number that Google requires during Gmail account creation is associated with account security. To create your account without giving your number, you have two options that are commonly used. We explain them below.
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Always use a verification email

In the account creation process, start by filling in all the necessary information. Where you should put the phone number, leave only your country code. Then, fill in the recovery email box. Once this is done, you will be able to create your account without any problems. Note that when you create a Gmail account without a phone number, Google may ask you to add it later. What you should do is say that you don’t have a phone number and prioritize recovery with email. This will be enough to stop Google from asking for your number again.

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Change your age a bit

Google has set the minimum age to start asking for your phone number at 16 years old. So if you set your age to 15, the account will be created without the need for a number. You should keep in mind that there are times when you are asked for a control email, you can put a personal one and thus, avoid giving your contact number.

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An important detail is that this conditions you to be awareof the date of birth that you have placed. This is due to the fact that after three years, when you should be 18, Gmail will require the number to allow you to use the account.
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Why is it necessary to create an account without a phone number?

Privacy is something that, in the new age of technology has been diminishing. Creating a Gmail account without a phone number is a way to avoid the tracking that Google does. On the other hand, if this platform crashes, there will be no risk of your data being leaked, leaving your number exposed to malicious people.

Is there any risk in creating a Gmail account without this information?

In a way, creating a Gmail account without a phone number has no major risks. The account is created in the traditional way and you can access all of Google’s services without any problems. The disadvantages may arise mostly in relation to the security of the account, because this data raises it quite a lot.

First of all, by not having a phone number, you have a higher chance of your account being blocked indefinitely. This is because the fast recovery channels are based on this tool.

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Finally, another detail that can be considered a risk is that Gmail has a tendency to verify the veracity of the accounts many times. So you should always be aware of any situation where you need to enter recovery data or confirm your personal data. Other than that, everything will be fine.

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