Do you want to contact Facebook? Among the social networks that users choose more often Facebook is considered the main one, for its network of virtual links is the one that has more users worldwide. About 2.2 million people produce and share content on it daily. Thanks to its success it is considered as the network that directly influences culture, politics and users’ opinions.

It came to expand the possibilities of social relations and caused a great revolution in the world of communications. Marketing found in this modality a great opportunity to include new concepts since through Facebook you can find people you know, participate in interest groups, share content, send messages, receive messages, perform searches and sponsor advertisements. Facebook is considered the largest of the social networks. For this reason, being on Facebook, and understanding how it works and what it offers is an essential step for those who want to expand their business, expand its reach and develop different digital marketing strategies.

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In this social network you can create a personal profile or a Fanpage. This to interact with other people connected to the website through the exchange of different messages and the famous “I like” in the publications made by users. It also allows to participate in groups according to people’s interests and needs within the social network. Currently, it is one of the most used forms of connection and is used to perform quick searches for information. It is one of the most popular digital channels for all users currently surfing the Internet. So many times users need to contact Facebook to solve doubts or problems that may arise.


What is Facebook for?

Facebook is used to interact with photos or images, videos and comments from other users or accounts. This means of communication has put in contact thousands of people around the world who had lost contact over the years, perhaps because of distance or other circumstances of life. It has also managed to bring together school alumni and tries to bring users closer to their favorite brands.
Its main function is to connect people to share information about their tastes and experiences, so they can comment publicly, send private messages and even make direct connections through Facebook Live videos.

During the process of evolution of this platform we have noticed that you can share an image or a video, now we can also share feelings, emotions, locations through the location or the music we are listening to at a given time, it is also possible to contact Facebook to solve different problems that may arise with this social network.

Reasons to Contact Facebook

Many times we have wondered how it is possible to contact Facebook in case of having any kind of problem or doubt, then, there are several reasons for wanting to contact Facebook technical support. Some of the most frequent reasons to contact Facebook are:

  1. You get rejected for ads frequently and you don’t agree.
  2. You’ve been banned or suspended and you know why.
  3. Do you have any doubts regarding Facebook Ads invoices?
  4. You have a question about the different payment methods.
  5. You can’t log in or you have forgotten your password.
  6. You have some kind of problem with friend requests.
  7. There is some kind of problem with videos.
  8. You can’t find pages while browsing or there is some kind of search failure.
  9. You’re having some kind of problem with ads or advertising.
  10. You want to report inappropriate content or harassment.
  11. Your account has been hacked or there is some kind of phishing.
  12. Your profile is showing as unavailable.
  13. You need to Chat with someone on the Facebook Business team
  14. You need to report an application for copyright infringement.
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Methosds to contact Facebook

Phone number to contact Facebook

This social network does not have at the disposal of its users a support phone number, necessarily first you must go through the chat and in case they do not solve our problem Facebook follows up the case via email or via telephone but it is not possible to find a phone number as such to ask for help.

Facebook technical support

This technical support is accessed through Facebook Messenger, that is, they themselves use their platform to help their users. It works by initiating a chat that is assigned a subject number, in the event that they fail to solve the problem during the conversation with technical support then they follow up the case via email or phone. In this way we realize that Facebook makes efforts to find solutions to the problems of users, if they do not do it immediately then they contact you.

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How does contacting Facebook not help?

You can’t expect Facebook to solve all the problems

related to advertising accounts, that is, if you don’t know how to use the account, if you don’t know how to make advertisements, if you have any basic questions, they can’t help you. Facebook can not offer personalized consultations but help in case the problem you have can not be solved.

Why is it so difficult to contact Facebook?

This can be explained by the fact that Facebook currently has more than 2 billion users worldwide. Imagine a third of users having some kind of problem and contacting a hotline for help. It would be a Herculean task for the operators as it would be very difficult for someone to answer all the calls. Due to the large number of people communicating at the same time.

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Although contacting with facebook is difficult it is not impossible. There is a means of direct contact that consists of a help service through forms through which some personal information is provided and a response is expected that a high percentage of users get to receive. Another reason why it is difficult to contact facebook, is that the company made available to users a long list of frequently asked questions in which the most common uncertainties are answered with this social network so they expect to find answers to simple doubts in that list.