One of the most important hobbies that has not lost its popularity over the years is reading. Now, in many cases we seek to download free books in PDF, Ebooks and ePub to continue with our hobby. But, there is the drawback that most sites do not ask us to register and then invade our inbox of our mail with annoying messages.

In this opportunity we will focus this article on the search for the best sites to download free PDF books, Ebooks and ePub from all over the internet.

Now, the sites that we will show you below have some particularities such as search methods that can go by catalogs and genres. Another point to consider is that most of the books you will get are in ePub format and do not require any kind of registration. It is also good to clarify that all these sites are totally legal.


Download free ePub books What is it?

Since most of the books you will get are in ePub format it is good to know what it is. The ePub (Electronic Publication) format is an ebook format which allows you to read books in virtually all electronic books.
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Advantages of Downloading FREE Books in ePub Format

This format allows access to different customization options that help improve the user experience when reading. Another aspect that makes this format so popular is that it allows you to change the font and font size. It also makes it easier to search for meanings and even translate the content.

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In addition, one of its important points is that it can be adapted to almost all devices . However, the negative point is that it does not adapt to Amazon Kindle, because these devices have their own formats.

Is it possible to convert the ePub format to another one?

This is actually not a complicated task, since there are many pages that will help us to change the ePub file format to PDF, Word, MOBI, among others, and vice versa.

Best PDF to ePub converters for free

If you have PDF books but you want to convert them into ePub format you can use some of these websites to convert them:


– Convertio

– To ePub

– CleverPDF

– Zamazar

– Docspal

Are the sites to Download Free Books in PDF, Mobi or ePub legal?

There are many websites where you can download free books, however, the legality of these is an important issue to address. But going a little more to the point the list of pages that we will provide you this time is of websites that are completely legal, so you should not worry.

Are the best websites to download free books in PDF, Ebooks and ePub without registering?

It is time to answer the question What are the best websites to download free books in PDF, Ebooks and ePub without registering?

But before indicating which are these you must take into account the file format you’re looking for, because you will find ePub, eBook, Kindle, PDF, Mobi, etc..

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In addition to this know what device you use to read these works and the genre you are most interested in getting. Below we will tell you what are the best websites to download free PDF, Ebooks and ePub books:

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This is one of the best websites that you can get when downloading ePub free without registration. This site has more than 5,000 totally free books that you can download or if you want to read them online. Within the categories that we find highlight the literature books, technical, academic, practical life, among others.

You may wonder why we are suggesting this site, as it is an online store, well you need to know that although much of its collection is paid, a good part of this is also completely free. The detail is that this works is for Kindle.

A remarkable detail is that it has a good number of very active communities where users share their comments on the books with other users.

This is a relatively new site that has a huge collection of free PDF books in Spanish or English. The interface of their website is quite simple and easy to use, besides being very secure.
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To search for books, it has filters that will help you choose between topics, authors or recommendations. It should be noted that no registration is required to download a book for free. If you are looking for a site that contains all kinds of books the best option is this, because it is the largest catalog in the world of virtual books. A detail is that you will get books in a huge number of languages and has the plus that allows access to a preview of the book.

5- PDFdrive

This site is a real barbarity, because it has an incredible collection of 80 million free books to download in PDF without registering. Now, it seems something incredible, but one thing is true, nothing is too good to be true, because in it you have a limit number to download, so if you want to download beyond your limit you will have to purchase the Premium plan of $ 29.99 per year.

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The amount of genres you’ll find is very complete and also good to note that this website has its own file converter to ePub and Mobi.

This site stands out for the type of books that you can get in it, because they are mostly works of classic authors. The variety of genres is very wide, so it will not be difficult to get something related to your taste.

A detail to note is that it also has self-publications of the same authors, so it is also guaranteed unique and original content. This is another of the most visited sites by fans of reading, because in it we will get books in PDF, Mobi, doc and ePub free for download without any registration. In addition to the variety of languages is quite wide.

We hope that with this list of the 7 best websites to download free books in PDF, Ebooks and ePub without registering you can get the books you were looking for and in your favorite format.