If you are in the world of video games you will be more aware about Discord servers, for those who are not aware or not completely, this article is for you. Discord is an application widely used especially by gamersallows players who wish to have a private communication with fellow gamers, either by text, voice call and video call, this while they are playing.

In order to start using Discord you must create a server. The Discord server is nothing more than a players’ room, that is to say, it is the meeting place for players to chat, for this you can invite people or enter a public server. If you don’t know how to create a Discord server, stay with us and we’ll tell you everything.

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What is Discord for?

Discord is a tool that allows communication through servers, either by voice call, video call or text message. It is similar to other programs like Skype, TeamSpeak or other more professional applications like Slack. Mainly it was aimed for gamers, this because they have many functions that allow better communication when playing. In addition it is much easier for those who play on PC, as it allows them to chat quite easily. It also has functions so that you can search for people, add them to your friends list, and include them in the server.
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Although currently Discord is not only an application that is only used by gamers, but also by other people who want to chat about other topics. That is, you can find or create servers for any specific topic, so now it is aimed for all users, not just for gaming, so it is a good tool to chat about any topic you want.

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What is a Discord server?

In the Discord application is very common to hear about Discord servers. Well, a server would be where people interact with each other either by voice calls, messages or video calls, each community has its own server of a topic, where they can create different rooms and channels, which is where users are opting for more specific topics, ie that are distributed among these. It should be noted that these channels can be private or public, depending on how the creator prefers. In the private channels is mandatory an invitation through the invitation link, on the other hand the public ones appear in a more public way, these can be done through a search within the application.

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Where can I download Discord?

First of all we must comment that Discord is a free application, we can easily find it on various platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows or macOS. Once you have it you must join a Discord server, so you can start chatting with your friends and colleagues on the topic you want.

How To Create Discord servers?

Creating your own new server for any topic on Discord is really easy. First you will find yourself in the vertical list on the left side of the application, there it will show you the servers you have, so you can quickly switch between them whenever you want. You will also find there a “+” icon, you must click there to be able to create your own server. It will give you a name, you can also put a photo or image, you will have to put the location of the server that is near you and that’s it.

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So you can invite your friends or colleagues. Discord will give you a link to your server so you can give it to other users to invite them to join your server.

How to join a Discord server?

Joining a Discord server is very easy, first you need the invite link of the server you want to join. It’s a bit tricky to join from a PC or Smartphone, but nothing complicated.

Join a Discord server from Windows/ macOS.

  1. First of all you must have already copied the invitation link of the Discord server.
  2. Once you have copied the URL, you just have to enter your browser of choice and enter Discord, here we leave the link for you to do it faster. https://discord.com/login
  3. You just have to log in from your account as you normally do. In case you don’t have an account you must create one.
  4. Once you are inside you must click on the “+” icon on the left side of the vertical column.
  5. Then click on <<Join a server>>, paste the invitation link and click on <<Join>> and you have joined a Discord server.
  6. Join a Discord server from a Smartphone.
  7. You must have already downloaded and installed the Discord app. Just open it on your device.
  8. Once you have opened it, you must click on the “☰” that you will find in the column on the left side.
  9. In that same column you will see a “+” you must click on this.
  10. Then you just have to enter <<Invite link>> where you will see the server you want to join. Just click on <<Join>> and ready, you can chat with your friends and colleagues.


What are public and Private Discord Servers?

Well, Discord allows its users to be able to set the server to either public or private, but what for? Well, generally a public Discord server is used by the most famous gamers, with this they can interact with many users so that those who want to join can look for the channel to enter, and so they can interact with their fans and perform different dynamics. Instead a private Discord server is used to limit the server and channels to other users, ie they can only connect to this only a specific group, which the creator of the server allows so that they can access the content, and for this to happen the creator must send these users an invitation link.

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