Apps are used to record clocking in and clocking out, such as hours worked by a company’s staff. This was once measured using manual tools, or electronic files that required a more time-consuming process. However, this is now a thing of the past. Nowadays, there is a time recording app with a document manager that makes this task easier. Do you want to know more about it? Read on.


What characterizes this application?

As a first point, we find that this app allows you to keep all the records in the cloud, allowing you to optimize the processes of your company. That way, you will be able to elaborate detailed reports of the time record that you can provide to each worker when needed. In addition, the application also has a document managerthat will help you save your files.

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How to choose a document manager?

Another element to consider before choosing a time recording app is the document manager. For the benefit of your company, this app has one that not only saves all important documents with backup, but also allows the circulation of files between departments.

Most importantly, you can access these documents from any device, as long as your account or user has access. In addition, another advantage of this app is that it allows you to restrict access to unauthorized users, preventing them from viewing specific information or files.

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In order to be more certain about how to choose a document manager, some aspects should be taken into consideration. Among some of these are the ones mentioned below:

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All these features are important for the security of your company or organization. You must choose carefully, especially considering that the investment that is made for this type of tools is high.

HR Software

The human resources department is one of the busiest departments in an organization. This is the one in charge of seeing all matters relating to the management and proper functioning of individuals within the company. And it is not for less, because the human capital is considered the most important resource.

A good alternative to channel so much work is carried out through human resources software. Thanks to them, a company can not only check and review the information in a more optimal way, but also keep backup of each of the fundamental aspects of the staff. These can range from payroll, to time and vacation control.

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Advantages of HR Software

The use of HR software is an innovative and very useful strategy for the internal management of an organization. Its use over the years, has registered a lot of advantages that make every day more companies join the implementation of these skills to develop a more efficient and centralized management.

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Among some of its most outstanding advantages, we can find the ones mentioned below:

When choosing an app, the ideal is to go for an option that can work in the cloud rather than on the desktop. This allows you to have a permanent backup, unlike a computer program, where all the information could be lost. For this reason, this application is ideal, because it offers you a high quality HR software.

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