The world of telecommunications has taken a 360-degree turn. More and more companies are realizing the needs of consumers and offer in their offers fiber + mobile at a very low price.

Fiber optics is becoming more and more stable in the national market and is reaching areas where it seemed unthinkable before, achieving a disproportionate increase in quality, especially in terms of speed.


What are the advantages of fiber optics?

1) Maximum speed

The technological evolution that we have been suffering for several years has caused that connections have increased significantly through fiber optics. Until recently we only had 10 or 20 Mb/s, although today there are many different options. Currently the 200/300 Mb/s are one of the most chosen options by consumers, although it is not the maximum speed that can be found.

HOW To Choose your Internet PROVIDER

2) Interesting rates

Nowadays internet is one of the most demanded services in the world, if not the most demanded, making the telecommunications sector to offer more interesting rates for its customers.

Competition is increasing and companies must calculate their fees well if they do not want consumers to end up in other companies. The simple fact of informing yourself will lead you to find the prices and offers that best suit your needs.

3) Permanence

Everyone knows or has heard about the permanence period when you sign up for this type of service. This is a must nowadays, although it is true that this period is getting shorter and shorter. Users are more and more reluctant to stay with the same company for a long period of time.

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This has led many offers to incorporate a permanence period of no more than twelve months, including it in promotions and special offers to attract new customers.

4) Greater savings

If you take into account everything mentioned above and the countless advantages that fiber optic brings to users, the price is very low. In relation to the rates that are found, it is necessary to name an additional service that is the customer if you decide if you want to have it or not, fixed telephony. This service is less and less used since the boom of mobile telephony, although there are still thousands of people who use it. This is used by operators to include free minutes and save on phone bills.


Is Fiber Optic really worth it?

Many people still have ADSL at home, an old-fashioned and limited technology that has a lot to envy to its fiber optic sister.
You may also be interested in reading:Gnula: guide to watch the best series and movies for freeWhether you are interested in installing internet at home or because you still do not know whether to change your ADSL service for fiber optics, take into account all the advantages that we have mentioned above and check the offers that companies like Pepephone have. Fiber optics has revolutionized the telecommunications sector and offers users significant improvements over ADSL.