With the technological development, more and more people are communicated and connected. And we can even find almost any equipment with internet connection, from mobile phones to computers. You can even find compatible vacuum cleaners or kitchen helpers. However, despite making use of this type of technology, many users do not have or lack control over their connection. That’s why the router is an essential tool.

Through this equipment, also known as router, you can create networks, both wireless and wired. This is how you can interconnect different computers working under the same local area network. In addition, it allows you to manage the information packets that flow through it. There are different types of routers, and they vary depending on the model, features and prices. That is why each one adjusts to the needs and uses of the user.

A device of this type, according to its characteristics can fulfill various functions. Among these are the possibility of providing internet connection. It provides firewall protection, as well as monitoring the quality of service offered. Next we will describe in a simple way, how to access and configure your equipment, without the need to go to qualified personnel in the area.

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What is the IP for?

When we decide to manage and control our internet connection, the first thing we must do is to learn how we can access the router. Generally many of the companies in charge of offering internet services, also offer the customer different ways to access the router, either through a program, a web page or an application.

In many cases, it is necessary to know the IP address of the router. This is considered the basic way to access the router’s administration section. In most of the devices, this is usually:, or 192.168.l.l.

Once known, we must enter through any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or whatever the user has. Once it starts, in the address bar put the following information: If this is not the IP associated with the router, use any of the other options.

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Sometimes, when performing the procedure, the login form does not appear. But, on the screen displays a message indicating that you must use a specific browser. If you want to make the configuration correctly, follow the steps indicated by the device. Once you have entered the correct IP address and pressed the Enter key, you will be prompted to enter a username and password. Since this is the first time you are logging in, you must enter the factory default.

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Get Device Password

When the router has not been previously configured, the factory default login data is used. This includes a username and password, both of which are default. These are usuallyadmin or 1234 for both. It should be noted that in most cases this information can be found in the manual of the device, or on the back of the device.

In the event that these data are not recognized, it is recommended to reset the device, returning it to factory settings. If this does not work either, the user should contact the service provider to ask for this data. There is another option, which is to place in the Google search engine, the model of the router and the word “keys”. Of course, this works as long as the device is in its factory settings.

Keep in mind that, by keeping the default passwords of the device, the security levels of our equipment are almost nil, so it is advisable to change them. In case we forget the password, there are ways to recover them.

Resetting your Router to Factory Settings

If you have tried to access your router and it shows you the login details as incorrect, you can choose to reset your router to factory settings. This is also a valid procedure if you’re having trouble connecting to the network. Or if you are not maintaining a stable connection. If in all these cases you forgot your username and password, you can proceed with a few simple steps.

To solve such problems, it is necessary to reset the router. To do this, you should press for about 10 seconds, the button that saysreset, with the router on. Then verify that the WLAN light has stopped blinking, which would indicate that the device has been reset. You can now use the default username and password. Once you’re logged in, proceed to set up the device again. And don’t forget to update this data for security.

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As we already said, it is necessary to change the username and password of the device. This because of how vulnerable would be the security of our computers if we keep this data. To make this change, once we have accessed the router configuration, using this address and we have placed the data requested, different tabs will be displayed. Here you will see different options for the management of the router.

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It should be noted that the location and position of the different router configuration options will vary depending on the make and model of the device. But the function is the same regardless of the equipment. The following is a general description of how to change the password.

Once we have entered the configuration, we must select the Administration option. Then we click on the Access Settings tab. Once the screen loads, it will show the username we have for the moment, as well as the fields that indicate the old password option and choose new password.

Many router models do not allow you to change the username, so it always remains the same. If this option is available, you can enter the name you want. After you have set the new password, click on the Apply option, and the new settings will be saved.

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Make your Wi-Fi Network Secure by changing the Name and the Password

Another option we have when accessing the router’s settings is that we can customize the Wi-Fi network. That is, it is possible to rename it and at the same time apply security protocols to create a password. For the most part, when you install a router, it is configured for public access. All you have to do is ask to connect to join the network. Here’s how to keep your network secure and private.

To perform this procedure, the user must access the settings. Then press the tab that says Basic Settings or also called quick settings. Once here, theWi-FiNetwork option appears, where you can change the data. It should be noted that, once you make this change, you must also proceed to update or change the configuration of each of the devices associated with this network.

There are models that allow you to select encryption protocols: WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. Through these, you can allow a hacker attack. And as a recommendation, it is best to choose to use the last two protocols mentioned in your router. In most routers that are available on the market, the firmware update occurs automatically. However, there are some models that require the update to be done by the user. It is important to keep in mind that if the firmware is not updated, it is possible that there may be security problems or that the internet speed may decrease.

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That is whyit is always recommended to keep the latest version available. When the user must perform this procedure, it is done through the IP address or the one assigned to the equipment. To perform the update, the user must access the router’s configuration, select the Administration option and click on theUpdate Firmware tab. Wait for the download of the new firmware to start. And once downloaded, proceed to install it. Keep in mind that if the update is downloaded and installed incorrectly, it is likely that the router will be damaged.

Learn How to Open and Close Router Ports

Another of the options that we have to manage in the router configuration, is related to the opening and closing of ports. As well as updating the firmware and other of the many actions that we can perform when we access the router. Remember that when we talk about ports, we are referring to the ways through which data is introduced or extracted to carry out the communication.

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In addition, it is best to keep the ports closed. However, there are some programs, mainly games, that demand the opening of some ports. Generally, when it comes to this type of program, the routers automatically open certain ports. In the event that this does not happen, the user can do it on his own to put this option into operation. To do this, you must go to the router’s Advanced Settings. Here proceed to enter the NAT tab and then go to the Port Mapping section. Once in this area, you must enter the IP address of the device you want to map, and then indicate which port you want to open. Among these you can select: TCP, UDP, or both. Finally, enter the port number you want to open.

There are many ways you can use your router. You just need to learn how to use each of the settings and options to get the most out of your router. But never forget to leave security aside. If you do, you’ll have a lot of trouble using your network.

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