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How to CREATE an Email on your Mobile

In today's article we will dedicate ourselves to guide you and teach you how to create an email on mobile ...
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WEBMAIL SERVICE: What it is and how it works

The webmail service is a system which allows you to have access to your emails directly from a web page, ...
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The Most Popular Email Servers

The sending of emails reached impressive numbers, and is that digital communication is a very important part in the lives ...
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OPEN ACCOUNT, Sign in and register

When we talk about Hotmail email, we are talking about one of the most widely used email services on the ...
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Corporate emails are an excellent tool to promote or boost your personal or corporate brand. In this article you will ...
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How to CREATE a Professional EMAIL with your OWN Domain?

Having a professional email with your own domain is the best way to give your business a secure means of ...
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How to EXPORT Gmail CONTACTS to Excel

You probably find yourself in a situation where you need to know how to export contacts from Gmail to Excel ...
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CREATE a Gmail ACCOUNT Without a Phone Number

MailCreating a Gmail account without a phone number is a pretty simple task, even if it doesn't seem like it ...
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The Most EFFECTIVE Applications for Online DATING

In the last few years, online dating apps have gained favorable recognition. This is because they allow you to find ...
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How to Create a BATTERY Saving APP?

Nowadays, users of mobile devices, are accustomed to install a large number of these on their equipment, which brings them ...
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ALL About WhatsApp APP

WhatsApp app is the most well-known messaging application in most countries and has millions of downloads annually, for this reason ...
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Movies and Series ONLINE without DOWNLOADS or Registration

If you are looking for a website to watch movies and series online without downloads or registrations Dospelis is the ...
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News about New Technologies

With the technological development, more and more people are communicated and connected. And we can even find almost any equipment with internet connection, from mobile phones to computers. You can even find compatible vacuum cleaners or kitchen helpers. However, despite making use of this type of technology, many users do ...
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Fiber Optics is nowadays the most common option in homes to establish an Internet connection. However, the truth is that it is not the only one. In the world of connections there are many options, and all of them have advantages and disadvantages. Fibre Optics Undoubtedly, the Internet access in ...
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The world of telecommunications has taken a 360-degree turn. More and more companies are realizing the needs of consumers and offer in their offers fiber + mobile at a very low price. Fiber optics is becoming more and more stable in the national market and is reaching areas where it ...
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If you are used to buying bargains on the Internet, it is very likely that you know Wish, one of the Chinese ecommerce that competes the most with the giant AliExpress. Its success lies largely in a large number of products at very affordable prices, as well as its friendly ...
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Nowadays, finding a good job online is possible. Whether it's through job portals, specialized or general social networks, blogs or any other site on the internet, if you have the right knowledge and you search correctly, you will be able to find the right job for you. Having the right ...
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Apps are used to record clocking in and clocking out, such as hours worked by a company's staff. This was once measured using manual tools, or electronic files that required a more time-consuming process. However, this is now a thing of the past. Nowadays, there is a time recording app ...
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If you are in the world of video games you will be more aware about Discord servers, for those who are not aware or not completely, this article is for you. Discord is an application widely used especially by gamersallows players who wish to have a private communication with fellow ...
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WhatsApp app is the most well-known messaging application in most countries and has millions of downloads annually, for this reason you should know a little more about it. Technology today is essential for people and they are constantly looking for new ways to be able to communicate with their family ...
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At present, you can find different apps for athletes with which the results will be wonderful. And, despite the fact that not all of them have the necessary functions for certain sports, if they can be efficient for others. On the other hand, some of them are known as the ...
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Currently the world of P2P downloading is very active, so many people are looking for the best recommended alternatives to MejorenVO site that already closed, or at least its original version. For several years MejorenVO was the preferred site for many users who resorted to this portal to enjoy excellent ...
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Tutorial; Quick Guide to create a Blog Step by Step

What types of blogs are there?

You should know that there are two types of platform where you can create your blog, and the choice between one or the other should depend on your goal with it. The first one is free and allows you to open a blog quickly, although it will look less professional. The second one is paid and will take longer to customize, but in exchange you will get a professional result with the possibility to earn money with your blog.

Free Blogs

Free platforms are intended for amateur bloggers who simply want a place on the Internet to write for themselves or their friends and family. They are free because they host your website on their own server infrastructure. But because these servers have a fixed capacity, they severely limit the functionality of your blog.

The most popular are, Blogger and Wix. Creating a blog on one of these platforms is as simple as opening an account, choosing the name of your blog and starting to write articles.

Paid Blogs

In this modality you do not use the free servers of or Blogger, but you hire a hosting service to a company to give you a space on their servers. There are many companies specialized in hosting. Since you will be paying them, they offer you much more freedom than with free servers.

The prices of a hosting usually range between $5 and $10 per month, although it is common that they make offers during the first 12 months to attract customers.

Register your domain and Buy Hosting

Once you have decided the theme of your blog, it is time to choose a name for your domain and register it. The domain name is the web address that people will type in their browser to go to your blog. Try to choose a short and memorable domain name that defines well the theme of your blog. Once you have decided on the name, before buying it you should check that it is available and that no one else owns it.

The most common is to choose the .com ending, but if it is not available other good options are .net or .org.
You can buy the domain and hosting from the same company. For a beginner it is the most comfortable. You also have the option of buying the domain from one company and hosting it with another hosting company.

Download the CMS

Within the Hosting you will have access to manage everything related to your hosting and purchased web pages. It is called cpanel, and from there you can download the CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Forums, etc.

To create a blog it is best to do it with WordPress where there is a huge community that contribute improvements every month. There are many tutorials on Youtube that can help you set it up in a few simple steps.

Write attractive content for the reader

Now you just need to write content that is useful for people. I also advise you to read some articles about SEO to be able to reach more people when they search for something in the Google search engine.